? This continues the 9/21/07 report of construction on the new Visitors Center entrance path.
A small area is poured right next to the delivery slab and a short-cut stairway made with large rocks is carefully secured the rocks with concrete.
Crew working on this slab are planning intern Francesca La Malva and workshop participants Eric Cote and William Holman.

? The form is complete for a large slab above the new stairway construction. The concrete mixture for this slab contains coarse gravel. A few hours after the concrete was poured, the crew washed the surface with a good brush. This exposes some of the gravel and makes this entrance slab safer to walk.

? Part of the crew works on the new and much wider staircase.
[from upper left] Construction team, Elisabetta Quaglino, Cameron Wilson, Daniela Cardace, William Holman and Eric Cote, custom cut and install the side forms for the new stairs.
Construction team chief David Tollas and landscaping coordinator Ron Chandler put the finishing touch on the first stair.

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