? [from upper left] The crew of workshop participants and volunteers continues work on the new ramp behind Crafts III. The ramp will provide easier access for handicapped visitors to Arcosanti.
Workshop participant Fernando Lomasto levels the sand on the first stage of the third level of the ramp.
Volunteer JiHye Son and workshop participant Sylva Tentori rake the upper part of the third ramp level.

? While one part of the construction crew works on leveling the third stage of the ramp, another group pours and finishes the small retaining wall between the first and second ramp level.
[from upper left] Volunteer Jenn Epstein shovels concrete while David Tollas overseas the crew’s packing of the thick mixture of concrete into forms for several stages of this sloped retaining wall.
Crew Darina Trendafilova and workshop participants Rebecca and Fernando Lomast work on a second section of the retaining wall.
Report on this area of construction will continue on 4/27/07.


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