? This continues the report from 12/20/06 of casting two custom counters with sink for the Light-scoop apartments in Unit 7 and Unit 9 of the East Crescent.
[from upper left] Planning coordinator Dan Kelliher designed and cast a series of custom fitted counters for bathrooms in the East Crescent. This greenish tinted counter is for the kitchen area in Unit 7.

? [from upper left] Dan has removed the form, cleaned and waxed the surface, and polished this counter to a high gloss shine.
Once installed the counter is supported by a metal brace. Note the metal frame on the other side of the bathroom door parallel to the kitchen counter. [last image]

? [from upper left] Dan prepares a red tinted counter for Unit 7. When the two counters were poured Dan also poured several small counters. The long pieces will be mounted onto steel frames [as shown above], to add to kitchen counter space. This report will continue

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