? The April 1. 2007 workshop participants completed their four-week program.
Sylva Tentori was part of the construction crew and worked mostly in concrete casting at the new Craft III visitors entrance, expecially the ramp for handicapped visitors.
Sylva receives her certificate from interim workshop coordinator Matteo Di Michele.

? Fernando Lomasto was also part of the crew at the Crafts III visitors entrance construction site.
Graduation usually takes place at morning meeting in the Vaults on the last Friday of each workshop.

? Livio Stabile was part of the same crew. Livio will stay on as a construction and planning intern for a 12-week internship.

Rebecca also graduated. Rebecca worked part-time with the construction team. She spent a large portion of her workshop apprenticing with site electrician Dr. Sparks, aka Michael Bittman, working on the installation of a new set of solar panels.
[report on solar installation will start on 5/9/07]
Congratulations to all participants upon their graduation.


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