? Christmas was quiet here, a lot of staff and volunteers went home for the holidays.
The Tollas family opened their beautiful home in the Foundry Apse for their annual Christmas Eve party and lots of fun was had by everyone.
Alumnus Tim Brinduse and his wife Jill visited for Christmas Eve. Tim treated everyone to one of his great blues harmonica sessions.
Christmas dinner was a sumptious and delicious pot-luck at East Crescent Unit 1, hosted by residents Darina Trendafilova, Melanie Husband and Charlie.
It has been super cold, with an intense and bitter wind from the north and last night the whole lake froze, a very rare event.

? In the midst of this bitter cold season, thoughts of summer and it’s intense heat are very welcome.
One of the projects during this past summer, that has not been mentioned on Today@Arcosanti, has been the COB construction of a new chicken coop in the Arcosanti gardens.
Construction crew member Maggie Lamb designed the structure and held several workshops to teach Cob technique.
[from left] Trenches for the walls of the structure have been dug and filled with gravel. Maggie Lamb and helper.
Beth and Jose put together the framework around a footer of gravel and reclaimed concrete pavers.

? Workshop participants helped raise the walls made of 2x4s and reclaimed foam and wire panels.
This report continues on 1/2/08.

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