? The 7th annual Spoken Word and Poetry Slam took place at Arcosanti this past Memorial week-end and Arcosanti welcomed nine teams from around the state for this years competition.
[from upper left] Many tents with participants and guest rose in the Minds Garden.
Grand Master Dan Seaman.
Three rounds of intense competion took place in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater.

? [from upper left] Paolo Soleri and Cosanti Foundation Director Mary Hoadley.
Kevin Patterson from the Phoenix team Paperheart, Brent Heffron from team Mesa, Apollo from team Mills End in Tempe, Brendy Star from the Phoenix team Visualize, and Greg Nix from team Sedona.

? [from upper left] Jenn Epstein from team Arcosanti.
Each performance was greeted with great enthusiasm from team mates and audience.
Kelsey Miller from the Phoenix team Zoe’s Kitchen, Tucker Zenski from team Arcosanti, Arcosanti resident Jewel Blackfeather-Welter competed with team Visualize, Aaron Johnson from team Noraz, Northern Arizona Poets, and Miss Marche from team Zoe’s Kitchen.
This report continues 5/30/07.

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