? This continues the 5/29/07 report of this years Spoken Word and Poetry Slam.
[from upper left] Co-hosts poets Dan Seaman and Logan Phillips kept the pace going through two full rounds of 36 poets, plus finals, with efficiency, grace and humor. Their masterful presence kept the day lighthearted in between many intense and emotional spoken word performances.
A team of three scorekeepers kept track of the five audience judges’ scores, with team Mill’s End emerging as champions at the end of this very close competition.
Calibration Poet Lauren Perry was one of the warm-up poets. Jonathan Standifird is part of the Zoe’s Kitchen team, poet Kat is from team Paperheart and Mandy Rose from team Mesa.

? [from upper left] poet Gab from team Mills End in Tempe, poet JiHye Son from team Arcosanti, poet Teresa Driver from team Tucson and poet Merlyn from Mills End. Poet Murray Natkie is with the Arcosanti team and Andre “Funk” Gavino competed for team Tucson.

? [from upper left] After the competition in the Colly Soleri Amphitheater, audience and poets proceeded to the Foundry, for the traditional dramatic night pour.
The crowd is waiting for the pour under the shade wings of the Foundry.
After the pour the winning team Mills End gave a final performance and dedication.
The full packed schedule continued in the Vaults with an beautiful performance by FLAM CHEN, a pyrotechnic theater troupe based in Tucson, Arizona. Flam Chen has visited and performed at Arcosanti many times and it is a real pleasure to welcome them back.
Other performances during the week-end were by THE FAMILY, a group of musicians from Flagstaff, Arcosanti’s own dynamic Dan Kelliher and GALAPAGOS / Team Albuquerque.
This years event was again an occasion of amazing intensity. The poetry ranged from the political to the personal, with plenty of detours into the comic and ridiculous. The sheer scale and range of the work presented was a delight and a privilege to witness for the entire audience – visitors and Arcosanti residents alike.

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