? Welcome to the first workshop for the 2008 season:
[from left]
John Knutson, John Mahoney, Camilla Mørk Røstvik, Kathyann Natkie, Colleen Reckow, Román Salas, Jeong Beomjin, Erika Sotelo, Hyeong Seok Jeong, Dean Thomas.

? Absent for the group shot were Mario Andres Botero Giraldo [at left], and the anticipated Anna Greenberg, who completed her seminar week in July 2006 and will arrive soon to complete her workshop.

? [from left] Colleen, Camilla, Erika, Mario, John K, Roman, and Dean diggin’. The inaugural workshop trench-digging session occurred at the new solar site, near the Visitors’ Parking Lot. (The Arizona Office of Tourism has awarded a grant for this project, which will be further detailed on Daily Progress in the near future.)

The Nature Walk with Roger Tomalty is one of the highlights of the seminar week. Workshop participants gather around for an animated story as they embark on the 3-mile hike of the Arcosanti property. Under the guidance of Anthropologist/Archaeologist/Arcosanti Foundation Staff, the dynamic Tomalty, the new workshop learns about native species, historical ruins, and memorable Arcosanti events.

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