? We continue our report from 7/30/08 on work in the Bronze Foundry.
After the melted bronze is poured into the snap-flask molds, it takes only minutes to cool back to its solid state. At this point, the bells are ‘broken’ out of their sand molds, given a quick hammer, and a flash of compressed air to clean off excess sand particles.

? Then, these bells are tossed into metal cages to be taken down to the lower deck. Here, they are taken to the grinder where the edges are smoothed and sprus sawed off [to be melted again in subsequent pours].

? Once the bells are ‘cleaned up’ a bit, a hole is drilled through the top of each bell. This makes it possible to attach the clapper and ft-links [which can comprise the hanging chain attachment off the tops of the bells].
This is otherwise known as the Assembly Process. Following this stage, the bells are given a patina – but, this can be explored next time …

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