? This resumes the report from 09/10/08 on construction of the handicap access ramp that will connect the Arcosanti Visitor’s Parking Lot to the Arcosanti Visitor’s Center. The crews attention is on the two lowest levels of the ramp.
This project is supported with significant financial aid from the Arizona Department of Tourism, (A.O.T.).

? Here, the construction crew compacts the ground surface in order to assure steady settlement of the concrete slab. This will prevent cracks that might develop with time.

? Paola Manzo, Nicola Toscano, Liza Chiu and Ashley Langan, participants in the August workshop, are clearing rocks and soil from the last sections of the ramp. Landscape coordinator, Ron Chandler oversees the critical process of groundwork and slope preparation.
On Friday, 10/3/08 we will report on the concrete pour on these last two of six levels of the ramp.

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