? The Arcosanti’s Construction department took a field trip to the Salt River Pima Maricopa Clarkdale cement plant. The SRPM provides free tours for students and adults.

? The tour, guided by Margie Beach, SRPM Communications Director first introduced the history of the plant and the process of manufacturing cement. Next, we took a ride through the yard and visited the Chemical Testing lab and the Control Room of the plant.

? This is an image of the cement-firing kiln that works 24/7, with only a few maintenance stops throughout the year.

One of the major suppliers in Arizona of portland and masonry cements, fly ash and other pozzolans, SRPM is also a leader in the promotion of environmentally responsible products and practices. In July 2006, it adopted a formal initiative named the Sustainability Initiative. In 2007 the Clarkdale plant received the ENERGY STAR® award by the US Environmental Protection Agency for superior energy performance. Modernization has allowed the plant to produce 50% more cement without any increase in energy use. Currently the Clarkdale Plant produces 1.1 million tons of cement annually.
Just recently, the SRPM Cement Plant donated 18 pallets of cement to Arcosanti [see report from 8/25/08].

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