? Reports from 8/27, 8/29 and 9/3 tried to touch on the excitement of finally getting to pour concrete on parts of the visitors entrance.
This came after much time and attention were given to preparation work, especially on the raw desert environment where a path had to be cleaned and leveled, and prepared at an exact grade to make passage comfortable for handicapped visitors.
And a very large boost in excitement was due to a large donation of cement from the Salt River Materials Group (SRMG). [see report from 8/25/08]

? This report focuses on the second day pour, which concentrated on level 4 of the ramp. Once again the concrete truck was parked as close as possible, yet far away for the wheelbarrow crew, this time on the delivery ramp behind Crafts III.
The crew of staff, workshop participants and volunteers started at the bottom end of this portion of the ramp and slowly worked their way upwards.

? Left over concrete was used to start part of level 5.
We continue on 9/8/08 with a report about the third day of this concrete pour.

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