? Our latest workshop participants started to get a taste of daily life here at Arcosanti this week, as they were assigned to separate departments of their choice and began their respective projects. This workshop finds participants in the agriculture, foundry, construction, and archives departments.

? The construction team has been surveying, leveling, and ensuring a proper drainage system in preparation for the new handicap accessible ramp between the visitor’s parking lot and the Crafts III entrance. The exact grade of the zig-zag design is challenging to work with, but the workshop team and interns alike, under careful direction, have been able to tackle the ramp with dedication and enthusiasm.

? The team was scheduled for this weeks recycling duty. After an early morning came an exciting foray into the intricate world of reusable materials, with a ride around site in the truck as an added bonus. Don’t be mistaken, the construction workshop team performed their trying (and sometimes messy) recycling tasks with diligence, culminating in a pungent compost delivery to the agriculture department in the camp gardens.

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