? We continue our report on the construction efforts along the visitors path.
Part of the upgrade, of the Crafts III visitors center entrance, is a block wall that will shelter the Ceramics studio kiln area.
Construction staff Jeff Buderer instructs workshopparticipants TJ Bogan.

? The blocks are stacked and will now be reinforced with concrete.
Concrete is mixed on a slab above the kiln area and slides down a shoot. Up above are crew chief Ron Chandler with landscaping crew Tucker Zenski and workshopper Rebecca Brown.
Workshopper Mark Moynihan helps the sliding concrete into a wheelbarrow.
Workshoppers TJ Bogan and Jonathan Schafer.

? The crew carefully shovels concrete into the block cavities.
The wall is reinforced with intermittent steel rebar.
Jeff is using a piece of rebar to stir the concrete mixture to help it to settle.
The block came from Yavapai Block in Prescott.
Report will continue with another three levels of block.

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