? This continues the 9/8/08 report with the continuation of same concrete pour.
Once all of the concrete was in place on level 3 of the new handicap access ramp, the crew got busy on the rest of level 5 of the ramp. Part of level 5 was poured and finished on the previous day.

? As the crew works on level 5, we can see the covered level 4 ramp, which was poured on the day before. Below Level 4, part of the construction team is fine finishing the surface of level 3 ramp.

? A view from the visitors center bridge at the rop of Crafts III shows the finished parts of the zig-zag shaped access ramp. Level 6 was poured and finished on day 1 of a 3-day effort,
level 5 and part of level 4 were completed on day 2, and
level 3 and the rest of level 4 were finished on day 3.

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