? This is the last chance to view the 2008 Art Collection of Arcosanti residents and alumni, which is displayed in the Arcosanti cafe until the end of the day tomorrow.
This years collection included a beautiful canoe, handbuilt by alumnus David Hutchins [David also displayed ceramic art pieces].

? Artists featured were:
Sue Anaya – beadwork,
Palma Burdick – painting,
Nelson Delarosa – sculpture,
Alfonso Elia – photography,
David De Gomez – photography, graphics, sculpture,
Ania Gorka – sketches,
Cliff Hersted – sculpture, graphics,
Will Holman – furniture,
Amber Klatt – sketches,
[photo] Cliff Hersted sculptures and photographs of local petroglyphs.

? also:
Maggie Lamb – sketches, collage,
Peter Lindgren – sketches,
Jeolle McTeague – photography, graphics,
Larry Meagher – ceramics, painting,
Jeffrey Michael – painting,
Adam Nordfors – painting,
Katie Schroeder – jewelry, collage,
Melissa Soluski – glass work,
Erin Turner – quilting.
[photo] David De Gomez photography.

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