? Arcosanti was bustling with activity for Saturday’s annual Sounds and Tastes of India festival. Beginning in early afternoon, residents and visitors alike were treated to a classical Indian dance workshop with Prachi Dixit of Nupur Dance Academy. A full body workout, participants had fun learning to curve and sweep themselves in the traditional elegance of the Indian style.

? As the afternoon drew on, musicians gathered for a more sonorous workshop. Here again, residents and guests found themselves charmed by the santoor master Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya, a former student of Ravi Shankar; and an accompanying tabla player, Abhishek Basu. The gentlemen shared their musical knowledge with their audience of students, serving as an enticing warm-up for the evening’s performance.

? After tours of Arcosanti and a delicious Indian dinner served in the Cafe, guests moved to Colly Soleri Music Center. Here, taking in the mesmerizing traditional Indian dancers, the audience was captivated by the talents of Bhattacharya and Basu on their unique instruments. A beautiful starlit night was only enhanced by such an enchanting day’s events.

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