? We continue the report from 8/13/08 about the Crafts III bathroom renovation project.
Planning coordinator Jenn Epstein and intern Alex Dixon have installed the metal frame that will support the future concrete countertop. Jenn and Alex have to ensure that the support is level in order to avoid distortion and cracks in the 2” thick concrete.

? In attempt to refurbish, yet keep the distinctive design features of the apartment, the planning team has reinstalled the newly painted original wooden cabinets from this bathroom.

? The next step of the project entails the actual making of the concrete countertop. Alex and Jenn have constructed a formwork out of Melamine to achieve a smooth surface on the upper side of the counter top. Elevated above the wood they placed a #3 rebar steel frame for structural stability.
The Arcosanti ceramic tiles in the four corners of the formwork have been a significant part of the plan, discussed both with site-design supervisor Tomiaki Tamura and with residents of the apartment.
The tiles also present a technical challenge, since they have to be attached to the wood frame in order to avoid concrete seeping underneath the tiles, while at the same time they should easily detach from the formwork once the concrete has set.
This report continues next week.

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