? Each group of workshop participants spends 2-3 days on a fieldtrip to Cosanti, the original studio complex of Paolo Soleri.
The fieldtrip includes a tour of the Dome House, built by Paolo Soleri in 1949. The group also visits notable architectural buildings in Phoenix, especially the new Phoenix Library, designed by Will Bruder, who studied with Paolo Soleri in the late 1960’s.
A highlight of the fieldtrip is a visit to Taliesin West, where Paolo Soleri apprenticed for 18 month in 1946 and 1947. The staff at Taliesin has made our workshop groups very welcome, with extended tours of residences built by Taliesin apprentices and lately our workshop groups have been invited to share dinner with the Taliesin staff and apprentices.
[from left] Taliesin staff Frank Henry, workshoppers Liza Chiu, Lucia Castello, Kyle Engpian, Erin O’Rourke, Cosanti Foundation staff Roger Tomalty, workshoppers Ashlie Langan, Paola Manzo, Valentina Lucherini and Nicola Toscano.

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