? On April 15, 2008, Paolo Soleri was featured as a guest speaker at “Building Well to Live Better”, a three day conference organized by the Roman Catholic Church to address issues of sustainability and the environment.
The intent of the conference was to bring a valid and substantial contribution in the field of eco architecture applied to old and new religious buildings.

? The three main topics of discussion were:
the importance of the connection that lies between human development and environmental protection; examples of sustainable building and virtuous eco-architecture; and guidelines for intervention on existing buildings and increase comfort and energy efficiency.
Most participants were priests involved with restoration projects and new development.

? With the assistance of Arcosanti resident Matteo Di Michele, Paolo Soleri’s presentation focused on his early architectural works as well as his latest ones, such as Solare, the Lean Linear City. Paolo Soleri also explained his Lean Alternative theory and the consequent need of total reformulation in today’s consumerist way of life.

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