? The ITALIAN NIGHT event is the best visited event of the year, usually between 300 and 350 visitors come to enjoy a delicious dinner in the dramatic setting of the vaults.
What few visitors can realize is how much preparation it takes for our crew of staff, workshop participants and volunteers, most of whom have not been part of something like this before.
On top of which, many of the July 20. workshop participants arrived the night before and during the day, so this was their introduction to the Arcosanti experience.
This is an event that takes all hands to make possible, and all hands rose to the challenge and performed an admirable task.
There are many photos and only room for a few.
The gigantic dinner preparation was coordinated and executed by this years terrific chefs, Peter Lindgren and Carrie Krueger, who with calm and sparkling humor directed a staff of volunteers through days and nights of endless cutting and slicing and cooking and stuffing and cleaning in the tiny cafe kitchen.
[from upper left] Alumna Gypsy Kampel came for the day and individually fried all of the delicious Chicken Picata filets.
Carrie and Peter instruct the crew.

? Each table setting in the vaults received plates of appetizers, fresh slices of bread and olive oil pressed from Arcosanti olives.
[from upper left] The crew formed assembly lines to distribute the prepared hors d’oeuvres on carefully washed leafs of lettuce and, then carried each tray to be kept cool in the walk-in refriderator.
Tables and chairs were set up in the vaults, 350 sets of silverwear were rolled the night before.
Tomiaki Tamura prepared the vaults serving crew in the all of the tasks that will make the dinner a smooth operation. Besides the actual serving of dinner, all of the little things that have to be thought of, like filling glasses with ice, refilling the salad bowls, making sure there is enough coffee and a myriad of detals.

? The guest have arrived. The pasta is wheeled into position and Paolo Soleri graciously served the pasta from a wheel barrow.
To accommodate serving many people the quickest way possible, the vaults were set up in such a way that four teams served the dinner from islands between all of the tables, and it was a super delicious dinner.

Much other preparation is not visible here, like the weeding of the parking lot, tackling prickly tumbleweed that had grown to gigantic proportion with lots of monsoon moisture. And the preparation of the theater, cleaning and scrubbing and brushing and wiping 350 chairs. And the extra cleaning of all of the paths and common rooms for our visitors.
This event was made possible by the efforts of a terrific crew.
Report continues on 7/23/08.

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