? Paolo Soleri was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Arizona Governor’s Celebration of Innovation. The award ceremony took place on the evening of 11/13/08 at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix. [see links to some of the articles on the event in our report from 11/14/08]

The photo is of Paolo Soleri at the Arcosanti table, with Cosanti Foundation Director and Treasurer Mary Hoadley, and alumnus Jeff Stein, who is the Head of the School of Architecture at Boston Architectural Center and Head of the Board of Directors of the Cosanti Foundation.

This was Paolo Soleri’s acceptance speach:

“Thank you all so much for acknowledging my life’s work here in Arizona.
Given that technology is reality generating itself since the Big Bang, the American Empire is a stupendous example of human ingenuity and industriousness. There is danger when technology is iconized into technocracy because that event gives way to idolatry: the worshipping of our invented idols, be they gods, guns, cars or our single family home hermitages, a story that has been our nemesis for millions of years. It is desirable if extremely difficult for dreaming Americans to transcend their technocratic triumph, an imperative if evolving life is not to be betrayed. Triviality and materialism are main obstacles on the runway of transcendence. But, yes we can, says Obama our new president.
I ‘d like to invite all of you to a public discussion at the Phoenix Central Library Saturday afternoon, December 6, exploring the possibilities for sustainable development in Arizona.
Thank you again.”

Paolo received a One Minute Oration!!

More images of the event can be found on flickr, courtesy of Mark Goldstein, President of the International Research Center.

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