? Annually welcoming 50,000 tourists to Arcosanti means it is important to keep our Visitor’s Centre maintained. About a year ago, this meant acquiring a television to play a DVD created by Arcosanti alumni Julian Lauzzana. Assembled from excerpts of David S. Mayne’s recording, Lauzzana crafted a tour video that depicts the history of Arcosanti and Paolo Soleri. Interviews with scholars on urban design and sociology fill out the shots of the site and the remarks by Dr. Soleri.

? More recently, a construction team has been focusing on the floor of the Gallery. Stripping and sanding the hardwood entryway took nightly commitments. Melissa Soluski, David Ledbetter, and Patrick Doyle were the nighthawks responsible for the transformation process.

? Now, a treated floor greets visitors to the site. The Gallery is the pivot point for most visitors at Arcosanti, so a new floor is a welcome change.

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