? Cosanti Foundation Public Relations Erin Jeffries reports:

“Paolo Soleri and other representatives of the Cosanti Foundation attended a presentation about planning for Arizona’s Sun Corridor, an area of rapid growth between the border of Mexico in Nogales to north of Prescott, Arizona.
Held at Arizona State University’s Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory in downtown Phoenix, the event was created in response to the recent Brookings Institute report “The Sun Corridor as Mountain “Mega”: One of America’s Newest Metropolitan Places and a Federal Partnership to Help It Prosper.”

? Arizona governor Janet Napolitano and Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon made appearances, along with a panel of speakers consisting of key authorities in planning for Arizona’s future.

Paolo Soleri made comments to the presenters, suggesting that making four lanes of highway between Phoenix and Tucson is reformation when we actually need reformulation, such as creating four strands of linear city instead of highway (referring to SOLARE and the Lean Linear City concept).
Governor Napolitano responded to his comments by noting the importance of the meaning of words; she explained the commonality between Paolo’s words and her work by illustrating the difference between creating jobs and creating futures.”

? The photos were taken by workshop participant Pietro Viscomi, here with Paolo Soleri after the conference.
Pietro reports:
“This forum encouraged a free-wheeling discussion focused on the mature and ripe period for the “megapolitan” areas of the Intermountain West to better organize their energies and consider how to amplify their voice in national affairs.
Dr.Soleri underlined his idea of intervention : “give a new planning model dictated by a new mentality” [in respect to the the city].
“Mountain Mega” studies five emerging megapolitan areas in the Intermountain West: the Front Range, the Wasatch Front, Greater Las Vegas, Northern New Mexico and the Sun Corridor [metropolitan Phoenix, Tucson, and Prescott). The Sun Corridor was the crucial point of debate in which several Scholars and representatives of the political arena spoke at this conference.”

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