? On 7/16/08 and 8/8/08 we posted our last two reports on the new access ramp from the visitors parking lot to the Crafts III Visitors Center. In the interval a lot of hard work was done to completely prepare the six-part ramp for concrete to be poured.
Now, and especially with the recent cement donation [see 8/25 report], the crew is ready and excited to pour the first stage of the ramp, the uppermost portion, part six.

? The crew started mixing concrete at daybreak to take advantage of the cool early morning.
[from upper left] Crew chief Ron Chandler wets the surface of the slope.
The closest the concrete truck could get to the slope was at the south-east corner of the visitors parking lot, quite a distance from the work site.

? A rotating crew with four wheel barrows moved loads of concrete to the second crew, starting the work at the lowest part of slope 6.
Report continues on 8/29/08.

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