? We continue our report from 8/27/08 on construction of the new access ramp from the Visitors parking lot to the Crafts III Visitors Center.
The crew of staff, workshop participants and volunteers is working on the upper most part of a six-stage zig-zag ramp.

? As part of the crew uses wheelbarrows to transports the concrete, another group distributes it evenly between the form and yet another team screeds, using the carefully surveyed surface edge of the form for guide.
A large bull-float is used to smoothen the surface of the concrete.

? [from upper left] All of the concrete for this part of the ramp has been poured. Now the crew is fine-fishing the surface, as well as cutting grooves every 5 feet into the suface of the ramp.
Carefully applied even strokes of a hard bristle wide broom roughens the surface and the last step is application of concrete sealant.
The first step of the ramp is complete. See upcoming report on 9/3/08 for the next pour on another part of this ramp.

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