Happy New Year To All.
This is a 1972 aerial view of the Arcosanti site with the completed South Vault, and to the West are visible scaffolding for the shell of the Ceramics Apse and the footing for the Foundry Apse.

[Photo: Ivan Pintar & text: dkt]

Great efforts from more than 6000 volunteers have made possible Arcosanti’s construction and development throughout the years.
Today in 2008, Arcosanti is a home for more than 60 people, a venue for musical and theatrical performances, a favorite tourist destination, and above all – an inspiring urban laboratory.

[Photo: Brendan Scott & text: dkt]


This picture was taken by local journalist Bruce Colbert.

Once again,
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Photo: Bruce Colbert & text: dkt]

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