? This report continues from 10/19/09:
The formworks for the heat duct tunnel footings were removed last week. This shows a plan view of the footings for the heat duct tunnel wall sloping down to the pool.

? The next stage is building formworks for the retaining wall down the slope and next to the pool. Here we see the crew working on a retaining wall, shoring dirt under the scab of the pool that will be the east wall of the heat duct tunnel.

? Once the formworks were built, the crew mixed concrete for the heat duct tunnel footing and retaining wall at the pool level.

? The concrete was dumped into wheel barrels and transported to the pool bridge, shoveled into buckets, and passed down to be poured into the formworks.

? Here we see a photo of the two formworks that was taken a few days after the pour. While the concrete cures, the crew will continue building formworks for the heat duct tunnel roof and retaining wall as well as excavating the slope below the pool. We will continue to report on the construction progress next week.

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