? We continue our report about the “3 DIMENSIONAL CITY: FUTURE CHINA” exhibition opening from Nov. 28. 2009 at BEIJING CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Beijing, China.

Tomiaki Tamura composed four separate digital loop presentations, projected onto the walls of the Paolo Soleri exhibition.

? One of the digital presentations is about Arcosanti, another about Arcology, the third about Lean Linear City and a keynote presentation of a collection of sketchbook pages from the late 1950’s to present time. The keynote presentation gives the effect of gently turning the pages. The selected pages are of sketches with reference to the Linear City effect and Arcology designs.

? Also displayed at this exhibition is part 3 of Paolo Soleri sketchbook #10, forty pages of original drawings and text.

? Paolo Soleri’s original scroll drawing from the TWO SUNS series is placed against the wall, where a large mirror projects double size.
33 feet of this 67 feet long scroll are displayed in a case identically sized to the model case.

? [photo: part of the C115 Two Suns scroll]
Excerpts from the 2 Suns brochure, 1976:
The 2 Suns Arcology encompasses a number of variations on the concept of small and large settlements showing an integration of five effects: The Urban Effect, Horticulture Effect, Greenhouse Effect, Chimney Effect and Apse Effect.
The aim of this integration is a more effective habitat, more responsive to the needs of society and more sensitive to the environmental, ecological, energetic boundaries within which we operate on this earth. The key to all of this is the Urban Effect, the fundamental drive of life. The “evolution of the city is viewed as the process which first of all causes the “non-living” to become alive, and then the living to become inventive, conscious, anticipatory, thinking, creational.

? [photo: The LEAN LINEAR CITY model]
For background text or images on the Lean Linear City concept, please view the Flash presentation on our home page, or view Today@Arcosanti postings on 8/05, 8/07, 8/10, 8/12 and 8/14/2009.
We will continue this report on Friday, 12/4/2009 with additional images of the model.

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