? Welcome to the July 26 Workshop participants!

Back row from left: David Gori [seminar week], Jason Kipp, Roni Kobrosly, Ander Bilbao, and Silvia Dal Prato [2 weeks].

Middle row from left: Kevin Bruno [2 weeks], Elijah Rushefsky [seminar week], Filippo Bazzoni [Arcosanti scholarship], Andrea Perletti [2weeks], Claudia Ardolino, and Pasquale Lacovone [Arcosanti scholarship].

Front row from left: Chintana Phenphanh [2 weeks], Valentina Leardi [2 weeks], Dorothy Thurston, Giorgia Aquilar and Marzio DiPace [both 2 weeks], and Claudia Cimino.

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