A public event celebrating the Festa dell’Architettura di Roma was held on September 28, 2009 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Italy. Paolo Soleri was the featured speaker. The Festa dell’Architettura highlights architecture among Rome’s numerous other events for the arts with the purpose of involving a wide, nonspecialized audience in a series of cultural events, with international guests, exhibitions, and stimulating debates.

? Paolo Soleri gave a presentation titled “Lean Alternative: The Elegant Frugality.” The lecture focused on arcology, Soleri’s term for the blending of architecture and ecology.
[photo] Event organizer Amadeo Shiattarella.

The arcology concept has transformed urban planning and architecture since Soleri introduced it in the 1960s and is gaining more attention as the world looks to architecture’s role in the future of our environment.
[photo]Paolo Soleri and Matteo Di Michele.

? Coincidentally, across the street from the September 28 venue is The MAXXI National Museum of the XXI Century Arts, which recently purchased Paolo Soleri artwork. When the Museum opens in early 2010, a large scroll, which is 29 feet, 6 inches long, 4 feet, 4 inches tall and features some of Soleri’s designs for space arcologies, will be on permanent display, along with some architectural sketches, life drawing sketches, and sculptures. Paolo Soleri was given a special tour of the new museum buildings.

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