? We continue our report from 12/2/2009 about the “3 DIMENSIONAL CITY: FUTURE CHINA” exhibition at BEIJING CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Beijing, China.

Tomiaki Tamura, 2009:
LLC proposes a continuous urban ribbon of twenty or more stories high, extending for many kilometers. Two main, parallel structures are built in modules measuring 200 meters in length. Each module accommodates about 3,200 residents and spaces for commercial, industrial, educational, cultural, recreational, and health maintenance activities.

Statement by Paolo Soleri for this exhibition. [” “]


“China, on the border of a new era, has the enviable chance to leap beyond existing techno-social culture and land in a quasi-pristine environment with a post-Western formula.”

? [photo: Lean Linear City (LLC) model]

“The Western formula is showing signs of hitting the zenith of unconditional materialism, heralded by what the American Dream is turning out to be.”

? [image: plan and elevation of Lean Linear City]

“Logistical paralysis is just one of the afflictions of the American landscape, imposed on the population by anti-urban diaspora. To reform this landscape is an exercise in too little too late.”

? [image: computer rendering for the model of Lean Linear City]

“Reform will not effect sufficient transformation, because it works at improving the wrong thing and thus moves toward a predictable dead end. What is needed is a total reformulation, and China is a land optimally positioned for such. The core of this reformulation is the city in its more promising transformation.”

? [photo: The model shows Nudging Space Arcology in the foreground, connected to many segments of Lean Linear City, connected to an existing city right next to the mirror, doubling the impression of the model]

“Life, inventiveness, and culture are more and more in the thick of things, in accordance with the “teaching” of nature: the creation of willful organisms, and with Homo sapiens, the creation of hyper-organisms, or the urban context.”

? [photo: close-up of Lean Linear City (LLC) model.]

“The need to entwine the thick of things of the city with fluid performance and logistics is one of the tasks addressed by LEAN LINEAR CITY.”

We will continue this report on Monday, 12/7/2009 with additional images and Soleri text of LLC.

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