? We welcomed back HUMAN NATURE Dance Theater for their annual workshop, this their 16th year at Arcosanti.
The week-long workshop culminated into a lovely performance on Saturday evening, open to the public.

Human Nature has a unique collaborative process. Each member of the group has equal say, forcing us to quickly enter deep water and become completely vulnerable with one another. Each year at Arcosanti we work with a theme that our improvisations revolve around.

The subject this year was FLYING AT NIGHT, “an exploration through feeling, with limited sight. An inky-black mystery, which beckons us into its fold though we can not foresee what lies ahead. The darkness of the unknown, which is not merely walked into, but flown through, light as a feather, quick as a falcon. Alert for what can’t be seen, compelled to travel courageously onward when others might hide in their nests. The evening journey, with only the stars to guide us home.”

Particpants this year were Arcosanti alumnus Paul Moore, Jayne Lee, Delisa Myles, Brenna Rogers, Kristin Greco, Nathan Montgomery, Gina Shorten, Jonathan Best, Francis Martineau, Marshall Elliott and Eric Souders.

Saturday’s performance was dynamic and intense, danced and acted with tight discipline, yet with obvious ease and excellence.
And as is ‘Human Natures’ nature, the cast presented lovely eye-blinks of stories, potent, emotions boilt to their essence, funny, scary, ridiculous and very vulnerable moments that touched the heart.

Human Nature Dance Theatre, a performance collaborative, uses dance, music and word to express the deepest elements of the human experience. HNDT is supported in part by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and Flagstaff Cultural Partners.

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