? [image: Computer rendering for the Lean Linear City model]

This continues the report from 12/7/09.

The Lean Linear City model includes a large MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DAM and BRIDGE. For this, Youngsoo Kim chose Veladiga – Dam site Arcology design from Paolo Soleri’s 1970 publication “Arcology – City in the Image of Man”.

Soleri designed this Dam Arcology for a Population of 15,000 with Population Density of 309/hectare; 125/acre. The Height to be 250 meters with Surface covered 48 hectare; 120 acres.

? [image: Computer rendering for the Lean Linear City model]

Excerpts from Paolo Soleri’s text for this design [from “Arcology – City in the Image of Man”, first published in 1970: [“ “]
“The order that man puts or imposes on nature, nature herself has self-imposed for countless centuries. Sudden upheaval or gradual phenomena have created rivers and watersheds, changed the course of rivers, reversed watersheds throughout the life of the earth. Purposeless as the process might have been itself, the results were and are portentously part of, and definers of, what man has done with himself and his species. We, the latecomers, are then part and result of this geocosmic phenomenon. Coherence to nature and man demands then that geocosmic action be enriched by man into a geocosmic-reflective intervention.”

? [image: elevation of VELADIGA. from “Arcology – City in the Image of Man”, page 92 of the 2006 edition]

“To be abrupt: our dams are geocosmic dwarfs and reflective abortions. They may well feed cities and industries with power, irrigate lands and fields, swell the pride of corporate images of technicians and contractors. What they do not do is to project themselves, as they should, as living and awesome organisms.
The “success” of the obscure, mineral plant, earth, is and will be measured by the substance of the civilizations enveloping it, this substance given in turn by the measure of wholeness (congruence) each undertaking carries with it. “

? [image: isometric plan of VELADIGA. from “Arcology – City in the Image of Man”, page 90 of the 2006 edition]

On the geocosmic scale in which a dam can act, the right speck in the right crack and its apparent out-of-proportion effects, one cannot but wish a proportionate degree of liveliness and participation of man himself, directly and immanently.
The focal point and energetic center of such a scale seems to warrant a limitless variety of occasions for a rich, intense life, if one adds the colossal masonry, the concentration of facilities, the site, one has all the premises for a fully displayed metropolitan life.

In a dam one has more than an instrument, one has a phenomenon cutting its way into the ecological balance of vast areas. A dam is as large as the transformations it produces.
The sense of focality and useful coercion that springs from it needs to be lived by man because they are essentially transfigurative.
What else in construction beside bridges and other water-retaining structures can compare in forcefulness, size, purpose, grandeur?
Certainly not our offices, palaces, theatres, libraries—why should not those characters be lived by society and take, whenever possible, the place of petty redundance or diffused chaos?

We continue this report on 12/11/09, about the LEAN LINEAR CITY model displayed at the “3 Dimensional City: Future China” exhibition, presently at the Beijing Center of the Arts, Beijing, China. Next segment will be on the NUDGING SPACE Arcology part of the model.

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