? This report continues from 11/02/09:
It has been a busy few weeks in construction. For the past two weeks, we were able to accomplish the constuction of a roof slab and two footings that run down the slope to the pool. Here we see the construction and concrete pour of the roof slab extending from the retaining wall.

? While the crew waited for the roof slab to cure, construction continued down slope with the preparation of two new footings. The crew worked extra hard on building the two formworks so that they could be poured in time before the weekend.

? The formwork was completed just in time for the pour on Friday morning, 11/06/09. The cement truck drove down to the pool level so that concrete could be accessible right near the construction site. In preparation for the pour, the construction team gathered large rocks for additional reinforcement of the formworks. Here we see the construction team passing rocks down the slope to place them up against the sides of the forms.

? This time we had more members including the Agriculture and Landscaping departments that joined in and helped with the mixing and pouring. Five yards of concrete were mixed, then poured into wheelbarrows that were wheeled to the pool bridge. On the pool bridge, the concrete was shovelled into buckets to be passed up the slope and poured into the forms.

? Here we see the finished roof and footings that were completed within the last two weeks.
Well done and thank you for everyone for all their effort and good work!

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