? [image: Computer rendering of NUDGING SPACE Arcology].

This continues our report from 12/11/09.

excerpt from Soleri paper “Two Suns Arcology: Nudging Space, 2001.” [“ “]

“An apse is a quarter spherical concave form in upright position found in cathedrals and mosques. A truncated apse when of large size becomes an exedral geometry. Apsedra is a combination of apse and exedra.”

? [image: 3D rendering of NUDGING SPACE Arcology].

“In a crude similarity of composition and of formal relationships the closer analogy to the apsedra is the artichoke. Cut 1/3 of the top off, split the staple in half, carve off the fluffy core and more, then open to a degree the half you chose so that there is some separation between the leaf blades.
All blades are rooted to the lower center. Each leaf blade is analogous to an apsedra, and each blade is a double skin defining the interior of it: residences, work spaces, public spaces, etc.
The space-volumes between blades is the environment moderating the outdoor climate by way of controlling the impact of the sun and air.

A cautionary note: The artichoke analogy is purely meant as a visual aid for the reader and not a concession to organic architecture nor an endorsement for its founder’s (F.L.Wright) far more sophisticated meaning.”

? [image: 3D rendering of NUDGING SPACE Arcology].

“Sphericity: As the most common body in space at least the cooling down size of space, sphericity is in our consciousness and it is formative of it. A sphere conceived by intellection and saturated by intellection, the human life inhabiting it, can only be a pseduo-spherical environ and an ephemeralized one. The circular and radial combination is critical in both functions and the logistics necessary to their effectiveness.”

? [image: 3D rendering of NUDGING SPACE Arcology].

“If it were not for the askewed presence of the sun and for the positively and pregnantly askewed presence of man the vicarious, convivial, fantasizing, inventive, unsettled persona, Homo faber full of howness (and the techne howness is the implementation of), the sphericity of Nudging Space could be soundly objected to.”

? [image: 3D rendering of NUDGING SPACE Arcology].

“The askewedness of the earth-sun relationship is the cause of night-day, seasons, and all that those characters have done to the planet, life being one of them. A non-askewed relationship, let’s say the sun or equivalent at the center of the earth, would have made for a dull and probably dead planet even if its surface where to be a steady even and balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

The apsedra is solar-garment architecture and the population-institution density makes it into an urban effect center. The apsedra is a town or a city depending on its size and performance. Maglev technology of logistics is both horizontal and vertical (and/or inclined). Maglev trains (passenger and freight) are connecting with local, regional, continental, transcontinental places.

There are two principal garments: the warm season garments: the sun rays are intercepted by shade membranes. The cold season garments: the sun rays are passing through transparent membranes that also trap the inside warmed air.

To the looseness of the shade garments corresponds the tightness of the transparent garment trapping the air warmed by the sun. Spring and fall are served by intermediate membranes: the sun-shade costume fit mix suggested by climate and temperature. The synchrony of the specific membrane with the seasonal variations are one of the singular aspects of architecture-ecology: arcology. An open city by choice. This synchronization can be an occasion for celebrations, festivities: the four season polyphony.”

“As pointed out, the form of the multi-exedra is generated by the intent of putting the sun to work in producing large volumes of space that are tamed versions of the open space. They are tamed in terms of temperature, air movement, and light, thus the physico-climatic side of the apsedra.

The psychosomatic side is revealed by the influence the curved space has on our relationship with things and people. The apsedra encourages conviviality by offering a focusing convergence (its center or centers) where awareness and dialoguing are enhanced. This in a way goes three-dimensional in the apse side of the apsedra, the semi-spherical curvature of it is a reminder of very large parasol. That means that the embracing of the exedra is reinforced by the sheltering of the apse.”

This completes this sequence of reports on the Lean Linear City / Nudging Space model at the 2009/2010 Beijing exhibition.

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