? The heat duct tunnel was constructed with a slight slope upwards, to facilitate airflow, heat rising naturally, towards an exit chimney right next to the Vaults. The present entrance is at the lowest level of the S.O.D. Soleri Office Unit.
The crew is beginning to carry out buckets of material to clear the area immediately outside of the tunnel. View is from south to north.

? Here we see into the same area, view is down from north to south. Construction staff, volunteers and workshop participants are working right at the entrance of the tunnel.

? A lot of hard work is needed to clear the area at the tunnel and on the hill side. Access is impossible for any kind of earth moving equipment, so all of the work was done by dedicated hands and backs.

? The path to the pool was diverted, one of the olive trees had to be moved and here, right in the middle of activities, is Paolo Soleri, sitting in a chair, directing traffic.

? [from left] This partial model explains the plan a little bit. We see the east wall of the S.O.D. Unit with the big window and the tunnel leading down toward the side of the pool.
Here the crew is working on forms for the first footing, right outside of the tunnel entrance.
Report continues on 7/17/09 with the first pour.

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