? This report continues from 10/14/09.
All the fun and exciting activities began right after the students and teachers unpacked and settled into their dorms. There was no time for dawdling! The afternoon was packed with outdoor activities from gardening and hiking to Geocaching. Here we see the children on the Archaeology Hike. The students enjoyed looking for petroglyphs on the rocks and trying to figure out what they mean. The hike also allowed students to learn about the Native American culture while exploring archeological sites and the unique vegetation, hydrology and high desert geology surrounding Arcosanti.

? On the night of the same day, a group of astronomists called Stargazing For Everyone, LLC, came to Arcosanti and set up four large space telescopes for an Astronomy Workshop. The students viewed the night sky through their telescopes and binoculars and learned how to find and identify different planets, galaxies, bright stars and constellations, as well as the legends behind them and other interesting sky facts and fiction.

? The students also enjoyed a silt-casting workshop organized with the help of Arcosanti’s residents. For the silt sculptures, the students were divided into teams to decide by consensus about what to carve. Some of the sculptures created in the end included an owl and a wedding cake.

? All the students and teachers gathered around the Colly Soleri Music Amphitheater for a Panel Discussion with Paolo Soleri. The students were eager to learn and raised many questions about Paolo’s childhood, ideas and buildings. After the meeting with Paolo, the students climbed up on top of the Vaults and wrote in their journals about what they learned at Arcosanti and from Paolo.

? Students and their teachers from the Phoenix Country Day School had three days packed with fun, outdoor adventures and craft-workshops. Thank you PCDS student and teachers for visiting Arcosanti. We hope to see you all again next year!

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