On December 7. we reported that Paolo Soleri and Mary Hoadley visited Torino, Italy, on their way back from China.

One of the major events during the two-day visit was that the City of Torino officially awarded Paolo Soleri with honorary citizenship of the city of his birth.

The ceremony took place on December 3. 2009, in this beautiful council chamber at CITTA DI TORINO – Presidenza del Consiglio Comunale [Torino City Hall].

The following four photos arrived via e-mail just this morning.

Thank you very much to Raffaella Lecchi at Libero – Italy for sending the images. The photographer is Sala Rossa.

We will add names of personages present when we receive them.

Paolo Soleri

Paolo Soleri and Mary Hoadley.

Report about the Torino visit continues on Monday, Dec. 21. 2009.

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