? The annual ITALIAN NIGHT is popular and always very well visited.
A lot of preparation has to happen to get everything ready for many visitors, this year over 200 people are expected.
Staff, volunteers and workshop participants are divided into teams and here Tomiaki Tamura goes through all of the individual team tasks.

? In the Colly Soleri amphitheater, chairs had to be placed and washed.

? Silverware was wrapped into napkins. The famous “pasta wheel barrows” were decorated.
Massive amounts of food were prepared.

? Tables and chairs were placed and decorated in the Vaults.
Here Tomiaki has everyone together for last instructions on how the dinner will be moved from the Cafe to a staging area next to the Vaults and then in sequence moved to serving stations in the Vaults and served.

This report continues on 7/22/09.

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