? Arcosanti welcomes the return of the annual week-long DIFFERENT SKIES electronic music festival for their 7th year, with participants
Russel Foster, Bill Fox, Brian Good, Allen Goodman, Kevin Haller, Greg Hurley, John Krikawa, Bill Marx, Mike Metlay, Jonathan Mills, Otso Pakarinen, Giles Reaves, John Rossi III, Ivan Schwartz, Tim Walters, and Doug Wellington.

? The musicians will be performing at the Colly Soleri Music Amphitheater on Saturday October 24, 2009, featuring an evening of original electronic and experimental space music written by participants from around the world. The music will also be accompanied by a dynamic live video synthesis performance.
For more information about the Different Skies concert please visit www.differentskies.com or call Arcosanti at 1-928-632-7135.

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