? photo: Paolo Soleri with Mary Hoadley.

On the evening of December 3rd. 2009, Paolo Soleri was honored in his hometown, Torino, Italy, at the event “Architetti e Architetture 2009,” which celebrated his lifetime achievement, along with architect Annibale Fiocchi.

The photos were sent by courtesy of Fondazione dell’Ordine degli Architetti, OAT.
Thank you very much to Cosimo Santoro at OAT!

? Mary Hoadley and Paolo Soleri with journalist Beppe Rovera.

? In the photo from left: Mary Hoadley, City Councilor Andrea Tronzano, Dean of the Turin Polytechnic’s II Architecture Faculty Rocco Curto, Paolo Soleri, journalist Beppe Rovera, Dean of the Palermo Architecture Faculty Angelo Milone.

? With journalist Beppe Rovera (left), Architect Massimo Locci (middle), President OATO, Oridne degli Architetti di Torino, Riccardo Bedrone (right).

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