? We continue our report from 7/20/2009.
The annual ITALIAN NIGHT dinner celebrates the Italian culture and heritage of founder Paolo Soleri. This popular event is highlighted by a family-style Italian meal served outdoors under the dramatic Arcosanti Vaults.
Massive amounts of pasta were prepared and placed in two wheel barrows.

? With great fanfare the pasta was wheeled into the Vaults.

? Among the setting of Italian cypress and olive trees, Paolo Soleri, who recently turned 90, serves pasta from festive wheelbarrows in honor of the culture of construction at Arcosanti.

? Staff, Volunteers and workshop participants served the delicious dinner to a crowd of over 200 visitors.

? The Menu was antipasto, pasta al pomodoro, chilled, herbed salmon salad, rosemary and thyme tofu, green beans with slivered almonds, green salad and fruit and for dessert Italian ice with biscotti.

? After dinner guests and crew moved into the Colly Soleri amphitheater for a medley of ‘Desert Songs: The Call of the Wild from Alexandria to Arizona’.

? Robin Farnsley, soprano, Gregorio Gonzalez, baritone, and pianist Victoria Kirsch performed, featuring pieces by both contemporary and classic composers, including Verdi, Kálmán, Herbert, Granados, Puccini, Torroba, Kern, Obradors, and Romberg.

? Throughout the performance, ominous clouds were moving in and thunder rumbled.
Here is a great photo by YoungSoo Kim, catching the lightning during the performance.
The first drop of rain fell about 10 minutes after the event ended.

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