? Anticipation, excitement, planning, and preparation have all been happening here at Arcosanti as our community looks forward to hosting our first official Earthdance festival tomorrow Saturday, September 26, 2009. The day-long performance will include DJs, pyrotechnics, acrobatics, musicians, and installation artists, and other performers from all over.

? Daniel Anderson, one of the coordinators for this summer’s Earthdance festival has created a beautiful and mysterious paper-mache sculpture that will be hung up under the Arcosanti Vaults and lit up in the evening during the event.

? Overnight camping will also be available upon reservation. Here we see one of the workshop participants weeding and preparing the campground that is located near the Minds Garden, which overlooks the mesa and the beautiful Agua Fria River. All of the work done to prepare and facilitate this event is done by volunteers.

? A number of installation artists from Mesa and Phoenix called Dreamers have been setting up “The Abundance Tree” or a “gift-giving tree” that will allow the audiences to donate and take gifts from the tree – a simple expression of “giving a little more than you take”.
Arcosanti will be 1 of the 350 participating locations united as a global community working for peace and a sustainable culture, and to support humanitarian causes through the global language of music, dance and creative self expression. We look forward to sharing space with you this weekend, and participating together in what we intend to be a most beautiful and meaningful event.

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