? Young Soo Kim, 3-D rendering wizard, initiated the first annual “Burning Tongue Dinner”. This was a pot-luck dinner where everyone had to bring something super spicy, per Young Soo “participants needed – no spectators allowed.

? In other words, participation involved willingness to cry. Delicious ‘burning’ choices included spicy watermelon, very spicy brownies, spicy hot chocolate, several curries, spicy kimchi, fried bananas with orange-chocolate sauce, hot wings, spicy sauces to put over rice, wasabi chicken, spicy Arcosanti peach chutney with hot cinnamon rice, jalapeno canape’s, spicy vegetable juice with ginger and habanero.

? The table was set up with dishes ranging from mild to medium to little mercy to no mercy.

We had a great time.




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