? On Saturday, September 26, 2009, Arcosanti hosted Earthdance Arcosanti.
As one of the 300+ locations across the world that participated in the global Earthdance event, Arcosanti welcomed a number of installation artists, musicians, performers, and DJs from across Arizona.
[photos from left] Willian Eaton, Toby Milford.

? Flam Chen, Ploy, and William Eaton, all familiar and having played at Arcosanti in the past, were welcomed back and put on spectacular shows. Karl White, aka Metrognom was welcomed for the first time as a performer at Arcosanti while Flam Chen spun fire to his DJ set.
[photo] Arcosanti’s Angus Gluck, guitar and Andrew Chisholm, drums.

? Also performing were DJ Brian Fritz, one of the event coordinators, DJ Pete, DJ Nate, Angus Morrison, and Tobie Milford. Installation artists included Sondra Carr, who produced the Abundance Tree; Jim Cavera, who produced Its About Time, a subjective time clock.
[photo] Fire-performance and circus collective Flam Chen

? Resident and event coordinator Daniel Anderson produced Red Lotus: Heart of the Earth of the Sun, which was hung in the Vaults over the heads of all the festival goers.
[photo] Fire-performance and circus collective Flam Chen.

? The event was coordinated by Brian Fritz and Daniel Anderson, and was executed by multiple teams of volunteers in the cafe, the campgrounds, and on the performance stage.

? The event was well received by all. It was also webcasted across the internet, with people tuning in from across the United States and the world. There will be a post-event website at www.arcosanti.org/earthdance with pictures and videos of the event.
Thanks to everyone who made the event possible. And thanks to Michael Gosney, Board of Trustees for the Cosanti Foundation member and director of the Earthdance Community Network for planting the idea for Earthdance Arcosanti in the minds of Daniel and Brian.
[photo] Super DJ Giovanni performance

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