? Randy Murray Productions arrived at Arcosanti on Thursday 10/22/09 to film segments of “After Armageddon,” a docudrama for the History Channel. The story explores what might happen after a worldwide epidemic. Many Arcosanti residents were cast as “extras.” In this photo, Director Stephen Kemp gives extras instructions for the next scene.

? Arcosanti’s unique buildings offered versatility, allowing the production to film multiple story locations within the same site. In this scene, survivors of the pandemic farm for food, planting seeds by hand.

? It was an entertaining day with many scenes revolving around food and agriculture.

? Filming continued the next day in several locations, including the Bronze Foundry, Ceramics Apes, and the Crafts III building. The film’s final scene features Arcosanti’s unique building environment to depict how people might have rebuilt their lives 25 years after the pandemic.

Formed in 1991, Randy Murray Productions quickly grew into into a developer of creative content and a reliable resource for productions in Arizona. Randy Murray Productions is known for their powerful story telling through film and media that aim to bring positive social change to their audience.

For more information about Randy Murray Productions please visit www.randymurrayproductions.com

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