? As an urban laboratory, Arcosanti residents are encouraged to participate in community policy making. Last week there was a joint meeting of the ALT (Arcosanti Leadership Team) and the Community Council to clarify questions and assess current and future needs for policy.

Three main topics were discussed.

1) The new Extended Stay program is a way to promote longer visits from former workshop participants. The program is already in operation but there are many areas still in question.

2) Some of the cubes in the initial construction camp have been offered to the Extended Stay participants and some are in use as year-round residence by staff and volunteers. Verbal traditions need to be refined into written guidelines for the use of camp housing.

3) Verbal traditions have sufficed for the Lab Building art studio allocation and management as well. Needed guidelines were discussed.

Community Council meets weekly to discuss community issues and holds quarterly All-Site Meetings to discuss current issues with everyone’s attendance invited. ALT meets every three weeks to discuss matters of policy. Joint meetings are held as necessary and are open to all interested residents.

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