? Since our last report on February 22, our new greenhouse was prepared for planting. In just the past week, the planter boxes were finished, the soil mixed, and the membrane installed.

After installing one end panel of the membrane, the construction team carried the next panel into position. Planter box work continued as well.

? The membrane, in specific, is a Polymax 5.2 oz clear woven greenhouse covering with added UV inhibitors. The end panels feature zippered openings for access.

? The frame required a few final touches before full enclosure and the third planter box is almost complete in this photo.

? Last Thursday, the largest section of the membrane was installed. Here the team (front to back: Nadia Begin, Cara Pirello, Jeff Buderer, Astrid Sonne, and Kirsten Lynge) unrolls and secures the membrane.

Workshop participants Kirsten Lynge and Otto Vervaet secure one corner. In the future, these long sides will roll up to allow for passive ventilation.

? Now the greenhouse is prepared for the 2010 growing season. On Wednesday, we will continue our report on the greenhouse and details about our first crops.

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