? [image: Birdseye view of the Lean Linear City design with dam]

We continue our report from 5/31/10 with updated renderings of the Lean Linear City.

The text consists of excerpts from “QUADERNO 9, SOLARE: LEAN “LINEAR CITY” written by Paolo Soleri, 2005.

“The triumphal technological march of Homo faber is overloading the poorly designed “arterial and venous” networks we naïvely have embraced. The suburban logistical network is sclerotic, and worse, doomed. In order to remain marginally viable, the life of the “organism” becomes grotesque.
An aerial view of exurban diaspora evidences that grotesque, monotonous, shallow, delusional life. It is un-civil-ized, i.e., deprived of civitas (the city), but serves well the production, consumption, segregation, waste, and pollution cycles of raw capitalism.
The survival of the fittest is its rule, while its very livelihood rests in the obscurantism of materialism.”

? [image: Birdseye view of the Lean Linear City design, energy apron on the south side of the city]

“At the same time there is an alternative to the crude instauration of very large urban systems indifferent, in fact hostile, to that same “loving nature” we hypocritically herald.
We belong to the planet, we have been shaped for eons by it, and its basic indifference toward life’s evolution is plain to see.
Even the sun, source and first resource of life, is nothing more that a super hot, gaseous mass, the most apt god to idolize if we are so inclined.”

? [image: Birdseye view of the Lean Linear City design, major node]

“But our indifference toward the sun and its climatic rage taxes our fragile presence.
How to best harness a fraction of the sun’s energy, now that fossil fuels are beginning to show signs of exhaustion,
is essential
to the structural and functional morphology of the proposed urban ribbon.
Its predisposition toward a clean and lean nature includes harvesting solar energy on the spot and paying attention to the logistics of contemporary consumers.”

? [image: Birdseye view of the Lean Linear City design, modules]

“We have been de-coupling the urban from the logistical (transportation) and as long as we stay in hyper-consumption mode and persist in automobile supremacy, the conflict has no solution.
It is a simple fact of physics (transportation) and hyper-physics (the Urban Effect).
The Lean Linear City channels both the physical and the hyper-physical (civilization-culture) presence in self-contained complexes and intense urban ribbons capable of lining the continent in the leanest possible mode.”

The third and last report of this series about the Lean Linear City will be posted on 6/4/2010.

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